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Applied Materials' Gary Dickerson: Sustainable Chip Production Evangelist

The chip supplier’s CEO has emerged as an evangelist for sustainable semiconductor manufacturing. We discuss how the booming industry must evolve to thrive on a warming planet.

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By George Leopold

Applied Materials CEO Gary Dickerson is putting the resources of the semiconductor industry’s chief supplier where chipmakers’ heads ought to be. Most impressive is the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company’s commitment to renewable energy. That’s a critical first step toward reducing the semiconductor industry’s carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, Applied Materials is rolling out new sustainability tools such as a wafer manufacturing platform called Vistara that emphasizes sustainable manufacturing by reducing energy and materials consumption.

Dig Deeper Podcast: SEMI’s Mousumi Bhat

In our Dig Deeper Podcast Series conversation with Dickerson, the sustainability evangelist makes it clear that chipmakers must begin the challenge by initiating a process of fundamentally changing their operations. As Dickerson notes, fab giants cannot continue consuming the energy required to run small cities as they crank out 50,000 monthly wafers starts.

That’s unsustainable.

Here’s our discussion with Applied Materials CEO Gary Dickerson.

George Leopold, a frequent contributor to the Ojo-Yoshida Report, is the author of Calculated Risk: The Supersonic Life and Times of Gus Grissom.

Sustainability series Episode 1:

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