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Ask Not What Apple Net Zero Can Do For You …

Apple is leaning hard on its suppliers to help achieve the iPhone giant’s 2030 net zero goal. How’s that going?
Ask Not What Apple Net Zero Can Do For You …
NXP CEO Kurt Sievers on the left, with Apple CEO Tim Cook in the middle. (Source: NXP)

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By Junko Yoshida and George Leopold

What’s at stake:
So far, Apple’s leadership toward net-zero emissions is a mixture of sincere advocacy, lip service and marketing deflection. Even as it prescribes remedies to suppliers and partners, it must also heal itself.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently visited NXP Semiconductors at its Eindhoven headquarters.

This triggered a posting outburst by NXP’s social media team, including a photo of CEO Kurt Sievers with Cook posing near a workbench in what looks like a design/engineering room. NXP’s LinkedIn post called Cook’s visit “truly historic.”

Indeed, capturing Sievers and Cook together in a single frame was a “photo op” to make any corporate PR marketing team drool and apply adjectives like “historic.”

More historic, though, is the photo’s context.

This is great stuff. Let’s get started.

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