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Automation in Cars: Promises & Fallacies

Panelists will speak on the growing confusion over different SAE levels, regulatory and legal challenges, and consumer protection.
Automation in Cars: OYR Web Panel

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By Junko Yoshida

The Ojo-Yoshida Report  presents a webinar on automated vehicles and their safety on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time

The event took place on Wednesday, March 22. The recording of this session is now available on the Ojo-Yoshida Report’s YouTube Channel.

Summary of the video

Bringing together leading thinkers in automotive safety and technologies, the panel cuts to the chase. We will address “Automation in Cars: Opportunities, Promises and Fallacies.” 

In recent months, ideas like bringing “partial automation” and “conditional automation” to vehicles have come to the forefront in public discourse. While carmakers are eager to add more automated features, they hesitate to clarify the capabilities, limitations and liabilities of their automated systems. 

The Ojo-Yoshida Report believes it’s high time for the industry to engage in frank conversation. Panelists will speak on the growing confusion over different SAE levels, regulatory and legal challenges, consumer protection and the pitfalls associated with hands-free driving. 

The webinar will feature Phil Koopman, safety expert and associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Colin Barnden, principal analyst at Semicast Research, and Junko Yoshida, veteran electronics industry watcher and co-founder/editor-in-chief of The Ojo-Yoshida Report.  

The webinar moderator will be veteran journalist Bolaji Ojo, publisher of The Ojo-Yoshida Report.  

Here are some of the questions we have covered on the panel: 

  • Differences between assisted, automated and autonomous vehicles 
  • Is SAE Level 2 “Advanced Driver Assistance System”? 
  • ‘Driver assistance’ vs. ‘Supervised driving’ 
  • Is vehicle automation intended for: ‘Comfort’ for perfect human drivers, or ‘Safety’ for infallible drivers 
  • Active misbehavior in vehicle ‘automation’: What we already see & what we think about the causes 
  • Misbehavior of human drivers: How is it monitored? Are we doing enough? 
  • Who regulates reckless automation? 
  • Liability of imperfect ADAS features

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Junko Yoshida is the editor in chief of The Ojo-Yoshida Report. She can be reached at

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