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China Eastern crash 737-800 Boeing

China Crash Shrouded in Mystery

By George Leopold

What’s at stake?
Scarce flight data and Beijing’s clampdown on crash information are likely to hamper the investigation into why a China Eastern Airlines flight suddenly nosedived into the ground.

The mystery deepens over precisely what transpired in the cockpit of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 in the moments before the Boeing 737-800 plunged more than 20,000 feet in just over a minute on Monday, before crashing in China’s mountainous Guangxi region.

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Kurt Sievers, CEO at NXP

NXP Resets, Victim No Longer

By Bolaji Ojo

What’s at stake
NXP is growing, well above the semiconductor industry average, and is leveraging prior acquisitions and financial strength to establish itself as a major player in the market. Can the company maintain this growth profile in the face of hungry competitors and against the backdrop of its own history? It may take several years for NXP to prove it can withstand market and geopolitical pressures beyond its control.

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ASML 2025: Beautiful with a Sprinkling of Risks

ASML 2025: Beautiful with a Sprinkling of Risks

By Bolaji Ojo

Few companies are as well-positioned as ASML Holding NV to benefit from the growing infusion of semiconductors in the global economy. It does not itself sell chips, but its lithography equipment make the wands that let semiconductor companies perform their magic in automotive systems; medical equipment; PCs, smartphones; and the fledgling areas of artificial intelligence, IoT, and other connectivity segments.

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A Portrait of Apple Beyond the Hardware

A Portrait of Apple Beyond the Hardware

By Bolaji Ojo

Apple Inc. built its enormous fortune on hardware long before services joined the bustling party. As the company contemplates a foray into the automotive market, the question on observers’ minds is how it can reinvent yet another sector, turning the consumer car into a fast-growth revenue engine for Apple that can rival its experience in the smartphone and tablet PC markets.

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