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Podcast with Dan Breznitz

Podcast: Technology Innovation and Our Manufacturing Future

By George Leopold

If, as he asserts, “innovation is hope,” then political economist Dan Breznitz remains hopeful we can again find ways to make the things we need rather than relying on tenuous overseas supply lines.

In his latest book, Innovation in Real Places, Breznitz of the University of Toronto explores the causes of our hollowed-out manufacturing sector while demonstrating how regional planners waste billions of dollars seeking to become “Silicon Hyphens.”

Think Foxconn fleecing the state of Wisconsin, Cleveland courting Amazon’s HQ2.

We discussed these and other pressing issues with Breznitz. Listen to our podcast.

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Our Podcast Guest: Calista Redmond, RISC-V International CEO

Podcast: What Does the Future Hold For RISC-V?

By Junko Yoshida

We recently caught up with Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International. 

Redmond is a dynamic executive representing the nonprofit organization fostering the adoption of RISC-V cores. Asked about the industry group’s trajectory, she explained: “RISC-V had formatively gotten through the wrangles of startup mode and fully into operational state and explicit growth at the same time.” 

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Podcast: What’s the State of Phase-change Memory?

By Peter Clarke I was prompted to record this by the news that Intel has begun the sell-offof its non-volatile memory and solid-state drive businesses to SK Hynix, ina $9 billion deal that includes a wafer fab in Dalian, China, and will takeuntil 2024 to complete. Listen to the podcast…