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MicroEJ Challenges IoT’s Forest of Silos

By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake:
IoT device vendors are mired in a proprietary-everything business mindset inherited from the embedded market. MicroEJ believes it can break the logjam, serving as a catalyst to accelerate both software and hardware development for various IoT devices. 

Every company claiming leadership in its lane on the internet of things has an angle. It might be a collection of wireless technologies, super energy-efficient microcontrollers, small hardware accelerators effectively running edge AI, or a mess of sensors.

The angle for MicroEJ (pronounced “micro-edge”) is the company’s attention to embedded software.

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Nigeria Targets Robotics to Boost Hardware Skills

By Fred Ohwahwa

What’s at stake?

In a quiet corner in Ibadan South-West, Nigeria, a technological revolution is brewing as researchers explore new ways to use AI and robotics to improve the nation’s agricultural, logistics and health sectors.

By Fred Ohwahwa

Situated in the quiet, leafy terrain of Iyaganku in the government reserve area of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, is RAIN, short for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Nigeria. There, largely unnoticed, a quiet revolution is unfolding thanks to the enterprise of a native son seeking to bring technology, jobs and hope to his homeland.

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