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Truth & Consequences

Arm vs. Qualcomm

Arm’s Qualcomm Lawsuit Is Just About Money, Right?

By Mike Feibus

What’s at stake?
Arm filed late August a lawsuit against Qualcomm Inc. and Nuvia, Inc. for breach of license agreements and trademark Infringement. But the lawsuit might not be as straightforward as it first appeared. At stake here is a new Arm processor developed by Qualcomm for laptops, which leverages technology innovated by Nuvia, now owned by Qualcomm. So, here’s the billion-dollar question: why is Arm — with the prospect of collecting royalties for each of Qaulcomm’s performance-packed processors — suing to prevent Qualcomm from making the chips?

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silicon photonics

Shedding Light on Silicon Photonics

By Ron Wilson

What’s at stake?
As new fabrication techniques and design tools emerge, the bandwidth, latency and energy-efficiency advantages of silicon photonics move closer to delivering data-driven applications and services. Researchers are pursuing multiple paths to deployment, with specific applications perhaps determining how best to harness light to connect chip components and computing platforms.

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