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Glazed with AI, Arm Market Value Soars

Arm is tying its future to artificial intelligence. The explosive rise in its market value would seem to justify this strategy.
Glazed with AI, Arm Market Value, Soar and Soar

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By Bolaji Ojo

What’s at stake:

Few companies have had as tangled a history as Nvidia Corp. and Arm Holdings, both of which have seen their valuations skyrocket on surging demand for artificial intelligence hardware, software and intellectual property. The only challenge for Arm lies in whether its growing list of AI customers would be similarly able to turn the company’s IP into huge windfalls. If not, a retreat in valuation could occur as suddenly as rapidly as the ascent of its shares.

It turns out Softbank Group has reasons worth billions of dollars to appreciate M&A regulators.

Arm Holdings, the once wholly-owned subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate, has turned into one of the most valuable properties in Softbank’s portfolio, courtesy of the buzz around artificial intelligence.

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