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NXP: How Is Technology Shaping Society?

Let’s discuss the rigorous engineering work needed to keep mission-critical systems safe and secure
NXP Connects 2023: How Is Technology Shaping Society?
Ron Martino (left), Trangy Ly, Jorge Heraud, Junko Yoshida, Phil Koopman

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By NXP Semiconductors & Junko Yoshida

Companies often talk about “tech for good” and “doing the right thing.”  

To turn those platitudes into reality, corporations developing mission-critical embedded systems must formulate a solid ethical and engineering framework for safety and security.   

At NXP Connects 2023 in Santa Clara, we asked executives at John Deere, Insulet and NXP to get down to specifics on this score: 

What exactly have these companies done to inspire confidence in their agricultural equipment, media devices and passenger vehicles? 

More importantly, what are the red lines their engineering teams would not cross? 


-Jorge Heraud, vice president, Automation & Autonomy at John Deere
-Dr. Trangy Ly, senior vice president and medical director at Insulet Corporation
-Phil Koopman, assistant prof. at Carnegie Mellon University
-Ron Martino, executive vice president, global sales, at NXP Semiconductors 

Junko Yoshida, editor-in-chief, The Ojo-Yoshida Report 

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