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Industry Pivots from Self-Driving to Software-Defined

Technical challenges have put L3/L4 autonomous vehicles (AV) on the back burner. Automakers’ best hope in the meantime is SDVs — fundamental E/E architecture redesign — but the going is likely to be even tougher.
Industry Pivots from Self-Driving to Software-Defined

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By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake:
Eager beavers in the auto industries skipped some fundamental technology and business steps in their rush to bring autonomous vehicles to the market. As they go back to the drawing board, can OEMs redesign an E/E vehicle architecture for SDVs that speeds up automotive innovation? 

There is ample evidence that the heralded rollout of advanced autonomous vehicles has stalled. By any measure, it isn’t “just around the corner.”

Although I hesitate to knock the engineering community’s ambitions to develop vehicle autonomy, I can respectfully suggest that tech suppliers, automakers, thinktanks, politicians, marketers and media come clean on AVs. A collective intellectual dishonesty has blinded us to the reality that autonomous vehicles were never close to being ready for prime time. The result is a pervasive consumer distrust in self-driving cars.

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