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Maelstrom of Change Hitting Auto Industry

What has triggered an avalanche of change among carmakers? Indie Semiconductor's Chet Babla breaks it down.
Maelstrom of Change Hitting Auto Industry
Chet Babala, senior vice president, strategic marketing, at Indie Semiconductor

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By Junko Yoshida

Podcast Guest: Chet Babla, senior vice president, strategic marketing at Indie Semiconductor

Chet Babla is the guest in our latest episode of “Chat with Junko and Bola”.

An astute veteran of the automotive industry, Babla honed his skills at Arm and now at Indie Semiconductor. We ask him to reflect on the automotive market’s past decade, picking out a pivotal moment when he saw the automotive industry’s emphasis has shifted. Was it ADAS, automation, the in-cabin experience, connectivity, electrification, or maybe software-defined vehicles?

Knowing the past is important because that has seeded the maelstrom of change hitting the automotive industry today.

In our conversation, we cover everything from a “renaissance around ADAS safety,” which Indie Semiconductor sees affecting the automotive industry today, to Babla’s own definition of software-defined vehicles. We delve into the conundrum carmakers are wrestling with — on sensors, sensor fusion and a vehicle architecture they need to develop. Should carmakers keep adding sensors? What should the sensor architecture look like? What are the best practices for fusing different sensor types and where should the fusion take place inside a vehicle?

During the podast, Babla makes it clear: The idea of a central SoC that rules all of a car’s computing is not now — and maybe never — viable in mass-market vehicles.

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