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Microchip: Could This M&A Predator Become Prey?

Buy or be bought. That is the future Microchip must contend with now.
Praying Mantis
The praying mantis, most feared predator in the insect world, is nothing but lunch to a chameleon.

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By Bolaji Ojo

What’s at stake:
Microchip actively participated in the consolidation of its industry segment, but its success, rising valuation and stable business make it a target too. Can any rival dare to take it up now that it is so much bigger?

Even after the frenzied mergers and acquisition actions of the last decade, the semiconductor industry still has quite a few juicy targets but not many are as mouth wateringly appealing as Microchip Technology Inc.

The microcontroller supplier is a voracious consolidator that has gobbled up some 25 companies in the last 12 years, but it stands the risks of becoming a victim of its own success.

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