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Microsoft's CoPilot+ Puts Intel on a Knife-Edge

Intel is in a fight for survival everywhere, including in PC processors, its traditionally strongest market. With CoPilot+, Microsoft, one of its oldest alliance partners, is embracing Arm, adding to the pressure on the microprocessor giant. Which way forward, Microsoft?
Microsoft's CoPilot+ puts Intel on a knife-edge

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By Peter Clarke

What’s at stake:
There was a time when Computex in Taiwan, the land of the PC motherboard manufacturers, was a slightly tired annual event. But not in 2024, the year of the advent of the AI-enabled personal computer – or as Microsoft would brand it, the CoPilot+ PC. This year there are many parts in motion and that means there are likely to be big changes in the winners and losers in the supporting semiconductor cast of characters.

In the mid-1990s when Robin Saxby, then CEO of processor IP licensor ARM, told me that his company’s technology was in 70 percent of all mobile phones I realized that startup company ARM had become a global player. The current CEO, Rene Haas, is claiming that ARM could claim more than 50 percent of the Windows PC market by 2029. If that happens it will likely mean that Intel’s time as a global player is over. That is unless Intel itself becomes a maker of PC processors based on the ARM architecture.

It could happen.

This is great stuff. Let’s get started.

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