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No Frills, No Hype: AMD’s ‘Pragmatic’ Plan for a New Car Architecture

While the automotive world is going gaga over GPU/CPU-based unified platforms, why does AMD hang back?
AMD/Xilinx-based systems In a vehicle
AMD/Xilinx-based systems-in-a-vehicle. (Source: AMD)

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By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake?
By acquiring Xilinx, AMD has the ammunition to move aggressively into next-generation automotive architectures. Yet, thus far the company has revealed scant details for a combined AMD/Xilinx automotive platform. With Xilinx’ Zynq FPGAs entrenched in the market, is AMD the victim of its own success? Is it complacent? Or is AMD reading the automotive industry — historically very slow to embracing new technologies — just right? 

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