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Nvidia-Arm: Where is this Relationship Headed?

Nvidia has a 20-year Arm license and it is being used in ways that will be disruptive to the PC market and in other ways yet to be revealed.
Nvidia-Arm: Where is this Relationship Headed? Ojo-Yoshida Report

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By Bolaji Ojo

What’s at stake
What exactly does Nvidia want with Arm, the chip IP vendor that the AI chip giant cannot seem to steer completely clear off nor digest? This could be a defensive move by Nvidia, or it could be a continuation of plans unfulfilled when it was forced to abandon plans to purchase Arm two years ago.

Nvidia Corp. and Arm Holdings can’t seem to get away from each other.

The AI chip giant and the semiconductor intellectual property developer are in the news again this week. This time, the report is about a speculative multi-party tango about the purported planned development of a new Arm-based PC central processing unit (CPU) by Nvidia.

This is great stuff. Let’s get started.

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