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Truth & Consequences

Putin's Brainstorm: Artificial Ignorance

Our resident humorist’s decidedly different take on technology and the weapons of war.
land mines in Ukraine artificial ignorance and AI Putin

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By David Benjamin

“Older types of land mines typically explode when victims accidentally step on them or disturb attached tripwires. But the POM-3’s seismic sensor picks up on approaching footsteps and can effectively distinguish between humans and animals…”

— John Ismay, New York Times, 6 April

It doesn’t take long for my friend Wilhelm “Bombs Away” Bienfang—the world’s foremost “idea man”—to latch onto an embryonic technology and turn it into a veritable goldmine.

Within hours of learning that Russian soldiers, fleeing the carnage they had wreaked in Ukraine, had left behind a garden of seismically activated land mines, Bienfang had a potentially lucrative product on his drawing board.

This is great stuff. Let’s get started.

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