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Qualcomm’s Automotive Gambit: Doubling Down on Smartphones

Many automotive experts doubted Qualcomm’s ability to make inroads into the automotive market. Not anymore. How did Qualcomm gain respect?
Nakul Duggal on stage at The Autonomous
Nakul Duggal delivers a keynote speech at The Autonomous in Vienna this week.

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What’s at stake:
Qualcomm senior vice president Nakul Duggal does not lose sleep over carmakers’ veiled threats about developing their own chips. Duggal says Qualcomm understands that different OEMs are at different levels of maturity. Chip suppliers jockeying to lead carmakers to next-generation EV/AV architectures must understand what customers want, and know every OEM’s development stage. That understanding will allow them to offer multi-generational and scalable SoCs tailored to customers’ requirements.

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