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Truth & Consequences

Smoke on the Brain

Our parents were addicted to nicotine. We're addicted to our screens.
screen junkie

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By David Benjamin

“I think the primary gateway to the metaverse will be the smartphone…
The allure of the metaverse is that we will be able to transcend our physical world, ‘teleport’ to any place, real or imaginary, and have an enjoyable, educational, or practical experience there.”
—Jon Peddie, The Ojo-Yoshida Report

I grew up in a cloud of smoke, an experience pretty close to universal among so-called Baby Boomers. My parents and grandparents smoked, most of my aunts and uncles, nearly every adult, for that matter, in my hometown, smoked. Most of my school friends lit their first cigarette before high school. TV shows were interrupted incessantly by nicotine come-ons, for Kent, Chesterfield, Lucky Strike, Camel, Kool, and “Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should.”

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