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Nvidia/Arm: Impact on the Global Semiconductor Industry

Podcast: Nvidia-Arm Deal Blatantly Infringes Antitrust Law

Ojo Yoshida Report Podcast



Nvidia and Arm: Perils of Tech Platform Acquisitions

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By Mike Feibus

As Capitol Hill tries to turn back the clock on the past decade’s Big Tech buyouts, a new deal is making its way through the same regulatory process that greenlighted predatory moves by Facebook, Google and others. If consummated, Nvidia’s deal to buy Arm will instantly give one competitor great power over a critical technology platform. Do regulators have the tools to recognize the danger? Here’s a framework for assessing potential harm in modern-day technology markets.


A New Semiconductor World Imagined

Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO

By Bolaji Ojo

What’s at Stake?
The challenge posed by Nvidia – via its planned acquisition of Arm – to Intel’s x86 architecture is real and potentially unstoppable, and should not be casually dismissed. With a huge market at stake, we expect Intel to fight back hard. But no matter what kind of headwinds Nvidia faces from Intel, Arm licensees and international regulators, the deal signals that a new day is dawning in the chip market – one that will have major ramifications for all the players, and for consumers too.


Rest in Peace: Arm, 1990 – 2022

Draft of a funereal eulogy to be read in the event of Nvidia’s acquisition of Arm Ltd.

So, farewell, Arm Ltd., you were a fine company. You were a child of Cambridge, England, but you only made it to 32 years old.

Nothing lasts forever. But some things and ideas last a long time and become part of the landscape, part of what defines what else can happen. And some things don’t last so long or cease to endure, and can be moved around or taken off the table for commercial benefit.


Like All Deals in China, Expect Strings Attached to Nvidia/Arm

Like All Deals in China, Expect Strings Attached to Nvidia/Arm

By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake?
The Nvidia-Arm deal idles at the intersection of U.S. politics, Jensen Huang’s promises and China’s long ambition to become the world’s tech industry leader. How badly does Huang want to get this done? How big a chunk of Nvidia’s technology arsenal is China looking to gain? And how fiercely will U.S. anti-China hardliners fight the proposed M&A? At stake is the future of U.S.–China relations.