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We Dig Deep into Software-Defined Vehicles

What exactly is Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV)? Who wants it? Do we need it?
We Dig Deeper in Software-Defined Vehicles

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By Junko Yoshida

Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV) is on the lips of every car OEM, and more importantly, chip maker supplying technologies to auto companies.

But what exactly is it? Who wants it? Do we need it? How far developed is it? Who are the advocates? Are there any opponents?

The Ojo-Yoshida Report wants to help answer these questions and others that are being raised across the industry about SDV and the ecosystem surrounding it. We are launching this month a new “Dig Deeper” video podcast series – six episodes – homing in on SDV. The video event starts on Wednesday, May 29th.

In our latest video podcast series, we’ll be examining the SDV rush from multiple angles – ranging from chips to E/E architecture and roles that software will play.

True to the Ojo-Yoshida Report’s editorial ethos, we have designed the series to provoke critical thinking and to prompt public discourse on what “software-defined” really means. This is no thinly disguised SDV product pitch. We’ll be asking how this technology is altering companies’ business plans, whether they’re designing chips, tools, developing software or building whole vehicles.

Our first guest is Phil Amsrud, associate director, Automotive, at S&P Global Mobility, with a high-level SDV overview from an industry analyst’s vantage point. (Scheduled on May 29th)

Other guests include Jack Weast, Intel Fellow, vice president and general manager at Intel Automotive, discussing “SDV as a mindset” (scheduled on June 5) and Phil Koopman, prof. at Carnegie Mellon Univ., whose topic is “SDV: Two sides of a coin” (June 12). The series will be released on a weekly basis.

Please note that each episode requires a separate registration.

Below is the link to save your seat to tune into the first video episode: “Analyst’s View on SDV” by S&P Global’s Phil Amsrud.

Register here

Here’s a teaser for our first episode.

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