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What Caught Our Eye This Week
Nov 9, 2022

Apple’s China problem, Nvidia’s GPU workaround, lidar industry consolidation begins.

Failure to Communicate: Backing Away From China’s ‘Overreach’
Nov 9, 2022

To forestall decoupling, the U.S. and China must maintain their lines of communications.

Eliyan founders (from left): Syrus Ziai, Ramin Farjadrad, Patrick Soheili
Eliyan Goes Do-or-Die with Die-to-Die Interface Technology
Nov 8, 2022

Startup Eliyan claims its technology addresses the need for commercially viable die-to-die interconnects in standard organic packaging, targeting high-performance computing requirements.

autonomous highway driving
Ford’s Lane Change Signals a Shift Away From AV Development
Nov 7, 2022

As others follow Ford’s lead, the emphasis now will be greater automation of highway driving with heavy reliance on driver monitoring.

India flag
India Renews Its Push for Homegrown Fabs
Nov 4, 2022

The promise of government subsidies is causing international players to give the subcontinent another look, but infrastructure and other problems are an impediment to foundry launches.

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What Caught Our Eye This Week
Nov 2, 2022

U.S. clarifies technology export controls aimed at China, EV maker Zeekr targets Europe.

Tale of Two Chip Wars: First Japan, Then China
Nov 2, 2022

The current U.S.-China chip war is a world apart from an earlier American-Japanese semiconductor conflict.

Intel in China
Will Intel’s Pro-West Advocacy Draw China’s Ire?
Nov 2, 2022

Intel is betting on a lead role in the revitalization of U.S. and E.U. chip manufacturing, but it risks alienating a critical customer base.

Taxi, Toaster, Truck
Autonomous Driving: Taxis, Toasters, Trucks and Trillions
Nov 1, 2022

If the shuttering of Argo AI marked the end of the beginning, the beginning of the end is the realization that technological development in the automotive industry is always an iterative process.

Chuck Murray
Podcast: How the Lithium-Ion Battery Accelerated Electric Cars
Nov 1, 2022

Author Charles Murray unearths the twists and turns in perfecting battery technology powering the shift to electric vehicles.

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The tech industry is vibrant, complex, and important. High-quality analysis & reporting is crucial to understand & influence the trajectory and impact of tech. Junko Yoshida and Bolaji Ojo are the voice.  I highly recommend checking out the

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I don’t need news, I need intelligent insight. That’s why I read Ojo-Yoshida Report. It’s challenging interviews with industry experts, informative podcasts and knowledge-enhancing content. It’s Junko Yoshida and Bolaji Ojo at their finest. It’s the source I use to find out what the news means.

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I’m really enjoying, and moreover getting valuable insights from The OjoYoshida Report, this open letter from Junko Yoshida to the new Velodyne CEO is gold dust.

Rob Stead, Managing Director, Co-Founder
Sense Media Group

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A lot of people ask me how to get started in autonomous vehicles. I started by reading what few great blogs/newsletters exist in the space. One of them is the Ojo-Yoshida Report, from Junko Yoshida & Bolaji Ojo. Paid sub, but quality is worth it.

Alex Roy, Director of Special Operations @ Argo AI. Founder: No Parking Podcast, Autonocast, The Drive, Noho Sound.

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Thank you, Junko, for another deeply insightful and perceptive article. You’ve got me pegged. I’m attracted to great companies, like Velodyne, that I can lead to the next level of greatness. Velodyne will continue to expand its technology innovation leadership while delivering industry-leading financial results and shareholder value. You are the most original and insightful voice among semiconductor industry writers because you understand both the technology and human factors of success like no one else. Keep up the great work with the Ojo-Yoshida Report!
Ted Tewksbury. CEO, Velodyne Lidar