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Webinar: Preventing Impaired Driving

Webinar: Preventing Impaired Driving

The Driver Monitoring System is becoming the technology that detects a landscape of impairment behaviors, including drunk driving, drowsiness, distraction, and fatigue.
Schneider Electric Stakes a Claim to Sustainability Leadership

Schneider Electric Stakes a Claim to Sustainability Leadership

The multinational energy management specialist is leading the sustainability charge on the supply side. Will its initiatives aimed at chip makers seed a sustainability ecosystem?
Lars-Åke Ragnarsson, Imec program director

Imec Tackles Chip Industry’s Carbon Conundrum

The semiconductor R&D hub aims to reduce the biggest source of carbon emissions: high-volume chip manufacturing.
Intel Stakes Out a Sustainable Future

Intel Stakes Out a Sustainable Future

Intel’s Todd Brady is implementing the chip maker’s sustainability agenda. Will other manufacturers follow its lead?

Applied Materials’ Gary Dickerson: Sustainable Chip Production Evangelist

The chip supplier’s CEO has emerged as an evangelist for sustainable semiconductor manufacturing. We discuss how the booming industry must evolve to thrive on a warming planet.
Dr. Mousumi Bhat

Dig Deeper Podcast: SEMI’s Mousumi Bhat

As climate concerns mount, the semiconductor industry group’s sustainability chief discusses its roadmap to a greener chip manufacturing sector.
How will the Automotive Ecosystem Adjust to SDVs? (Source: NXP Connects)

Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV): Pros, Cons & Worries

If an SDV isn’t “apps on wheels,” what is it? An expert panel, laying out the pros and cons of SDV design, defines it as a “fully reconfigurable vehicle”.
NXP Connects 2023: How Is Technology Shaping Society?

NXP: How Is Technology Shaping Society?

Let’s discuss the rigorous engineering work needed to keep mission-critical systems safe and secure
Automation in Cars: OYR Web Panel

Automation in Cars: Promises & Fallacies

Junko Yoshida, Ojo-Yoshida Report

Panelists will speak on the growing confusion over different SAE levels, regulatory and legal challenges, and consumer protection.
Expert panel on 'The Spinning Wheel of Technology – On the Road to Trusted Mobility,' hosted by Veoneer

CES Robocar Panel: ‘Humans Are in the Loop’

David Benjamin

CES Panel discusses the reset for the future of automated driving.