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FIGURE 1: Standard EV Charger Connects to an EV’s On-Board Charger

Microchip On-Board Charger Solution for EVs

By Microchip

The adoption of electric vehicles worldwide necessitates effective charging solutions. This white paper examines the fusion of Microchip’s dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controllers (DSC) with Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology, which offers a comprehensive system solution and systemic design approach to develop an on-board charger (OBC).
Connecting Smartphone to Smart Home Systems

Simplifying the Connected Future: Navigating Complexity in the IoT Landscape with Renesas Wireless Connectivity

Mehmet Aras, Renesas

Whatever device you can think of that makes our lives more convenient, safer and more enjoyable, in today’s world it’s likely to be connected, often wirelessly. Almost everywhere, connectivity is no longer an extra, it’s expected.
Microchip Nurtures AZFirst

Microchip Nurtures AZFirst

Raising local talent is a critical business practice for every tech company in need of engineering resources.
Webinar: Preventing Impaired Driving

Webinar: Preventing Impaired Driving

The Driver Monitoring System is becoming the technology that detects a landscape of impairment behaviors, including drunk driving, drowsiness, distraction, and fatigue.
Schneider Electric Stakes a Claim to Sustainability Leadership

Schneider Electric Stakes a Claim to Sustainability Leadership

The multinational energy management specialist is leading the sustainability charge on the supply side. Will its initiatives aimed at chip makers seed a sustainability ecosystem?
Lars-Åke Ragnarsson, Imec program director

Imec Tackles Chip Industry’s Carbon Conundrum

The semiconductor R&D hub aims to reduce the biggest source of carbon emissions: high-volume chip manufacturing.
Intel Stakes Out a Sustainable Future

Intel Stakes Out a Sustainable Future

Intel’s Todd Brady is implementing the chip maker’s sustainability agenda. Will other manufacturers follow its lead?

Applied Materials’ Gary Dickerson: Sustainable Chip Production Evangelist

The chip supplier’s CEO has emerged as an evangelist for sustainable semiconductor manufacturing. We discuss how the booming industry must evolve to thrive on a warming planet.
Dr. Mousumi Bhat

Dig Deeper Podcast: SEMI’s Mousumi Bhat

As climate concerns mount, the semiconductor industry group’s sustainability chief discusses its roadmap to a greener chip manufacturing sector.
How will the Automotive Ecosystem Adjust to SDVs? (Source: NXP Connects)

Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV): Pros, Cons & Worries

If an SDV isn’t “apps on wheels,” what is it? An expert panel, laying out the pros and cons of SDV design, defines it as a “fully reconfigurable vehicle”.
NXP Connects 2023: How Is Technology Shaping Society?

NXP: How Is Technology Shaping Society?

Let’s discuss the rigorous engineering work needed to keep mission-critical systems safe and secure
Automation in Cars: OYR Web Panel

Automation in Cars: Promises & Fallacies

Junko Yoshida, Ojo-Yoshida Report

Panelists will speak on the growing confusion over different SAE levels, regulatory and legal challenges, and consumer protection.
Expert panel on 'The Spinning Wheel of Technology – On the Road to Trusted Mobility,' hosted by Veoneer

CES Robocar Panel: ‘Humans Are in the Loop’

David Benjamin

CES Panel discusses the reset for the future of automated driving.