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Avalanche of AV Bills Slams U.S. State Legislatures

State-by-state approach brings laws favoring AV companies to life with little oversight and scant attention to safety, legal and regulatory issues.
AV legislation

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By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake?
Autonomous vehicle companies are rushing to get laws on the books allowing them to test their driverless vehicles on public roads. Few states have held public hearings on these proposals, and even fewer have included stakeholders in the discourse.

Autonomous-vehicle (AV) companies are marching through the states, both red and blue, fiercely advancing new legislation that will pave the way for automated driving. While the bills vary slightly, their agenda is uniform: to secure a free pass for companies to mobilize and test their highly automated vehicles — without human drivers — on public roads, with few safety questions asked and precious few legal and financial strings.

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