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Junko Yoshida and Bolaji Ojo

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Junko and Bola

Mike Noonen Goes to Swave, an Imec Spin-off

Guest: Mike Noonen, CEO, Swave Photonics

Chip War -- Intimately Tied to U.S.-China Military Rivalry

Chris Miller, prof. at Tufts Univ., and author of a book -- "Chip War: The Flight for the World's Most Critical Technology."

Long Hard Road: The Lithium-Ion Battery and the Electric Car

Guest: Charles J. Murray, the author of a book on the lithium-ion battery history, "Long Hard Road."

Let's Break Down Volkswagen-Horizon Deal in China

Tu Le, managing director of Sino Auto Insights, a Beijing-based consultancy.

Who Is Seeing Machines?

Guest: Paul McGlone, CEO, Seeing Machines

How Safe Is Safe Enough?

Guest: Phil Koopman, safety expert on autonomous vehicles and associate professor with the Carnegie Mellon University

Intel Should Focus on Fabrication

Guest: Dan Breznitz, Professor, Global Affairs & Public Policy and Political Science, University of Toronto

How to Spend CHIPS Act $52B

Arijit Raychowdhury, Professor- Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech

RISC-V: Should You Join Open Hardware Group?

Rick O'Connor, president of Open Hardware Group

What Does the Future Hold for RISC-V?

Guest: Calista Redmond, RISC-V International CEO

Podcast: Qualcomm & Others: Why Buy a Stake in Arm?

Guest: Mike Feibus, president and principal analyst of FeibusTech

Podcast: China's EV/AV Markets on a Roll

Tu Le of Sino Auto Insights steers us through the nascent mobility sectors and considers potential potholes like future overcapacity.

Podcast: History's Lessons for High-Tech Hubris

Peter Norton, associate professor of history in the Department of Engineering and Society at the University of Virginia

Peter Norton is author of his latest book , Autonorama: The Illusory Promise of High-Tech Driving.

Podcast: Can AV Bill Do Right by People?

Phil Koopman, associate professor with the Carnegie Mellon University; Computer Engineering, and
Bill Widen, professor at the University of Miami School of Law

Podcast: Road to 5-Star DMS Rating

Guest: Colin Barnden, lead analyst at Semicast Research.

Podcast: Nvidia-Arm Deal Blatantly Infringes Antitrust Law

Guest: Mike Feibus, president and principal analyst of FeibusTech (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Podcast: Testing Does Not Equal Safety

Guest: Phil Koopman, associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University

We asked Phil: How do you prove safety for computer-based vehicles that depend on software?
Phil responds: Testing doesn't make you safe, it never has, and it never will. Not for software…The way you get safe is not by testing. You get there with safety engineering, doing the hazard analysis, making sure you mitigate hazards. [In short] testing doesn't prove you safe. The testing proves that all the work [you’ve done] for safety didn't let anything slip through.
Acronyms used during this episode:

  • DMV: Department of Motor Vehicles
  • CPUC: California Public Utility Commission]
  • AAMVA: The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
  • DoT: Department of Transportation· PennDoT: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • MISRA: Motor Industry Software Reliability Association
  • ANPRM: Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
  • SAE J3018: Safety-Relevant Guidance for On-Road Testing of Prototype Automated Driving System-Operated Vehicles
  • ISO 26262: Functional Safety
  • ANSI/UL 4600: Standard for Safety for the Evaluation of Autonomous Products
  • ISO 21448, also known as SOTIF (Safety of the Intended Functionality)

Podcast: Apple Car Hurry-Up Targets Apps & Service Developers

Guest: Colin Barnden, principal analyst at Semicast Research

Podcast: TSMC Adds 'Intellectual Supply Chain' With U.S. Fab

Guest: Arijit Raychowdhury, EE prof. at Georgia Tech

Peter Clarke

Peter Clarke's
Semiconductor Observer

Podcast: The European Chips Act is a political pipe dream, lacks focus

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Podcast: What's the State of Phase-change Memory?

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Podcast: Nvidia's Declining Prospects

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Podcast: India's Recurring Dream

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Podcast: Plastic and Beyond

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Podcast: The chiplets are coming

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