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semconductor manufacturing and research legislation
U.S. Taps Semiconductor Execs to Map R&D
Sep 30, 2022

Ex-Applied Materials, Analog Devices officials will head an advisory panel for disbursing CHIPS Act research funding.

Nakul Duggal on stage at The Autonomous
Qualcomm’s Automotive Gambit: Doubling Down on Smartphones
Sep 30, 2022

Many automotive experts doubted Qualcomm’s ability to make inroads into the automotive market. Not anymore. How did Qualcomm gain respect?

in-memory computing and AI
Inside In-Memory Computing, and Why It’s Back
Sep 29, 2022

Accelerator chips tailored for deep learning place scads of computing elements near, or in, memory to parallelize the massive computational load.

Like All Deals in China, Expect Strings Attached to Nvidia/Arm
Push Comes to Shove in China Tech Competition
Sep 28, 2022

China’s huge market potential once blinded foreign governments and investors to the dangers inherent in its Communist system. No longer.

vehicle electronic control
Can AI in AVs Go Beyond ‘Perception’?
Sep 28, 2022

Infineon believes there is a way to apply machine-learning algorithms to reduce the cost and power consumption of highly automated vehicles.

virtual reality goggles
Measuring the Metaverse Against Reality
Sep 27, 2022

Our upcoming webinar will sort the hype from the reality of leveraging virtual worlds.

semiconductor technocracy for CHIPS Act
U.S. Semiconductor Technocracy Falls Into Place
Sep 27, 2022

A National Semiconductor Research Center could be operational by the end of 2023. Will it accelerate chip innovation?

Electricity is the New Oil
Sep 26, 2022

Buoyed by the success of electric vehicles, other transportation sectors including planes, boats and trains are following their own paths toward petroleum replacements in an attempt to lower emissions.

hands-free driving
Will Your Next Car Replace You, or Just Improve Your Driving?
Sep 22, 2022

Highly automated vehicles aren’t the only path to safety. Vehicles that understand human drivers and manage their behavior suggest a better, faster path to prevent accidents.

U.S. China semiconductor exports
U.S. Puts China in a Semiconductor Chokehold
Sep 21, 2022

Concluding that China is both a security threat and an unfair economic player, the U.S. will block Beijing’s access to chip technology.

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The tech industry is vibrant, complex, and important. High-quality analysis & reporting is crucial to understand & influence the trajectory and impact of tech. Junko Yoshida and Bolaji Ojo are the voice.  I highly recommend checking out the

Daniel Cooley, CTO

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I don’t need news, I need intelligent insight. That’s why I read Ojo-Yoshida Report. It’s challenging interviews with industry experts, informative podcasts and knowledge-enhancing content. It’s Junko Yoshida and Bolaji Ojo at their finest. It’s the source I use to find out what the news means.

Colin Barnden, principal analyst at Semicast Research

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I’m really enjoying, and moreover getting valuable insights from The OjoYoshida Report, this open letter from Junko Yoshida to the new Velodyne CEO is gold dust.

Rob Stead, Managing Director, Co-Founder
Sense Media Group

How do you get started in autonomous vehicles?

A lot of people ask me how to get started in autonomous vehicles. I started by reading what few great blogs/newsletters exist in the space. One of them is the Ojo-Yoshida Report, from Junko Yoshida & Bolaji Ojo. Paid sub, but quality is worth it.

Alex Roy, Director of Special Operations @ Argo AI. Founder: No Parking Podcast, Autonocast, The Drive, Noho Sound.

Most original and insightful voice…

Thank you, Junko, for another deeply insightful and perceptive article. You’ve got me pegged. I’m attracted to great companies, like Velodyne, that I can lead to the next level of greatness. Velodyne will continue to expand its technology innovation leadership while delivering industry-leading financial results and shareholder value. You are the most original and insightful voice among semiconductor industry writers because you understand both the technology and human factors of success like no one else. Keep up the great work with the Ojo-Yoshida Report!
Ted Tewksbury. CEO, Velodyne Lidar