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Chip Wars: How Far Will America Go to Win?

Chip Wars: How Far Will America Go to Win?

America’s semiconductor war with China is taking a toll on Western chipmakers but they may be asked to pay even higher costs as Uncle Sam digs in.
Dig Deeper on Software-Defined Vehicles Podcast Series

We Launch Weekly SDV Video Podcast Series

Episode 1 opens the series with a comprehensive overview of Software-Defined Vehicles on May 29
Could SoftBank's Son kill ARM with His AI Vision?

Could SoftBank’s Son Kill Arm with His AI Vision?

The talk is that SoftBank Group CEO Masayoshi Son wants to transform his company into an AI processor powerhouse and intends to use Arm as a vehicle to achieve this.
Can Machines Outsmart Human Mischief?

Can Machines Outsmart Human Mischief?

Embedded vision and AI algorithms are in demand as keys to “smart retail” systems. Will Grabango’s check-out system succeed where Amazon’s once-touted “just walk out” service failed?

The Bastard Art of Thinking like a Machine

When confused by technology, it might help — and cost less — to switch back to human-mode
Wait! Wasn’t AEB Already Solved?

Wait! Wasn’t AEB Already Solved?

What’s the difference between Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) in robotaxis and the AEB newly mandated by U.S. safety regulators?

Microsoft, Data Centers and the AI Paradox

Can generative AI and the acres of servers needed to refine large-language models help solve the very problem it creates?
China EV Road Trip & Beijing Auto Show

China EV Road Trip & Beijing Auto Show

Tu Le, Sino Auto Insights’ founder, assessing Xpeng’s EV on a 1,500 mile road trip, wonders how much Elon Musk can charge for Tesla’s FSD when many Chinese vehicles with similar ADAS systems are already on the road. He shares insights from the recent Beijing Auto Show.
Western Car OEMs’ New Motto: ‘Copy China’

Western Car OEMs’ New Motto: ‘Copy China’

Not too long ago, the Chinese came West to learn, and possibly copy, how companies develop technologies. In today’s global automotive industry, the tables have turned.

This Semiconductor Market ‘Recovery’ Is Uneven and Crash Prone

The broad semiconductor market direction indicators are sending conflicting signals. When is a recovery not really one and how should suppliers respond?

Dig Deeper on Sustainable Manufacturing: Actions, Not Words

Junko Yoshida and George Leopold, host The Ojo-Yoshida Report’s Dig Deeper series on sustainable semiconductor manufacturing, assessing the prospects for reducing the chip industry’s carbon footprint.
We Dig Deeper in Software-Defined Vehicles

We Dig Deep into Software-Defined Vehicles

What exactly is Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV)? Who wants it? Do we need it?
Is It Ground Hog Day for Memory Chip Suppliers?

Is It Groundhog Day for Memory Chip Suppliers?

Memory suppliers rushing to build new fabs appear destined to reignite the destructive flames of pricing and inventory instability they have just succeeded in putting out.
Who Will Rule Software-Defined Vehicle Architecture?

Who Will Rule Software-Defined Vehicle Architecture?

Knowing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems might not be enough to win the SDV design derby.
Can TSMC Turn Arizona into Taiwan?

Can TSMC Turn Arizona into Taiwan?

Is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. prepared—financially, and culturally—to transfer chip production to Arizona?
Generative AI: the bloom is off the rose

Generative AI: The Bloom Is Off the Rose

Artificial Intelligence is not living up to the hype. Hallucinations are an intractable part of the problem.
Is TSMC Price Hike Threat Even Enforceable?

Is TSMC Price Hike Threat Even Enforceable?

TSMC’s costs are surging and this is impacting margins. Business is growing but fending off rising costs has also become a major objective.
Connecting Smartphone to Smart Home Systems

Simplifying the Connected Future: Navigating Complexity in the IoT Landscape with Renesas Wireless Connectivity

Whatever device you can think of that makes our lives more convenient, safer and more enjoyable, in today’s world it’s likely to be connected, often wirelessly. Almost everywhere, connectivity is no longer an extra, it’s expected.
AI: Should I Be Faithful or Agnostic?

AI: Should I Be Faithful or Agnostic?

I feel as though everyone has been cornered into making a consequential choice — to either place our trust in AI or to escalate our AI paranoia.
Georgia Tech Aims for AI for All

Georgia Tech Aims for AI for All

Georgia Tech is bringing AI to undergraduates in a classroom setting.
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Timely and provocative

The Ojo-Yoshida Report is timely, insightful and sometimes provocative. I always learn something valuable in each edition, intelligent perspectives about our industry you cannot get anywhere else. Thank you and keep up the great work! 

Mike Noonen, CEO 

Renaissance in semiconductor insight

Junko and Bolaji are kickstarting a renaissance in semiconductor insight! It’s so rare these days to find such a wealth of timely, thoughtful coverage. But OYR manages to produce, every week. Well done!

Mike Feibus, Principal Analyst

Knowledgeable and insightful

When I heard that Junko and Bolaji were launching The Ojo Yoshida Report, I instantly got out my credit card and became their first paid subscriber.  Junko and Bolaji are uniquely knowledgeable and insightful about our industry, and are constantly asking important questions.  I never fail to learn from their reporting.

Jeff Bier
Founder, Edge AI and Vision Alliance / President, BDTI


I find The Ojo-Yoshida Report one of the most uncompromising and worth reading reports in the ADAS / AV industry.
Clément Nouvel, LiDAR CTO

Understand and influence the tech trajectory

The tech industry is vibrant, complex, and important. High-quality analysis & reporting is crucial to understand & influence the trajectory and impact of tech. Junko Yoshida and Bolaji Ojo are the voice.  I highly recommend checking out the

Daniel Cooley, CTO

What the news means

I don’t need news, I need intelligent insight. That’s why I read Ojo-Yoshida Report. It’s challenging interviews with industry experts, informative podcasts and knowledge-enhancing content. It’s Junko Yoshida and Bolaji Ojo at their finest. It’s the source I use to find out what the news means.

Colin Barnden, principal analyst at Semicast Research

How do you get started in autonomous vehicles?

A lot of people ask me how to get started in autonomous vehicles. I started by reading what few great blogs/newsletters exist in the space. One of them is the Ojo-Yoshida Report, from Junko Yoshida & Bolaji Ojo. Paid sub, but quality is worth it.

Alex Roy, Director of Special Operations @ Argo AI. Founder: No Parking Podcast, Autonocast, The Drive, Noho Sound.

Most original and insightful voice…

Thank you, Junko, for another deeply insightful and perceptive article. You’ve got me pegged. I’m attracted to great companies, like Velodyne, that I can lead to the next level of greatness. Velodyne will continue to expand its technology innovation leadership while delivering industry-leading financial results and shareholder value. You are the most original and insightful voice among semiconductor industry writers because you understand both the technology and human factors of success like no one else. Keep up the great work with the Ojo-Yoshida Report!
Ted Tewksbury. CEO, Velodyne Lidar