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Reporting semiconductor business & technology's impact on people & society.

Bolaji Ojo

Bolaji Ojo, Publisher & Managing Editor

Veteran business, finance, and technology journalist Bolaji Ojo is a jack-of-all-media but an entrepreneur at heart. “Bola,” a former Bloomberg News reporter and lifelong media innovator, has been a publisher, media executive, business owner, and media market analyst and consultant, working at the nexus of politics, focusing on technology's impact on people & society, and the global supply chain. Over the course of his career, Bolaji has written revealingly — sometimes at his own peril — on topics ranging from the energy market to financial derivatives, the “Nigerian letter scam” and other international fraud cases, politics, policing, and small business. In the late 1980s, he took up the technology beat, covering the electronics supply chain and the interplay among its many players — contract manufacturers, OEMs, design houses, and their network of semiconductor and component sources.‌

‌After more than a decade with publications in Africa, Europe, and Asia, Bolaji joined UBM Media in 1999, working as a business editor, managing editor, and editor-in-chief at titles including EE Times, Electronic Buyers’ News, and Electronics Supply & Manufacturing Magazine. He moved to global technology media giant AspenCore along with EE Times and other UBM properties. As AspenCore group publisher and global co-editor-in-chief, he expanded the company’s print, online, and event presence in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America.

Bolaji’s financial reporting background and his own entrepreneurial experience — he sold his startup to a Fortune 500 company in 2017 — have given him a discerning analytical eye, including the ability to demystify financial data and uncover the facts buried in corporate earnings reports. A global citizen who has lived and worked in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America, Bola describes himself as “at home everywhere — and always ready to go somewhere.”

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‌His writings include:‌


Junko Yoshida

Junko Yoshida, Editor in Chief

Junko Yoshida has always been a “roving reporter” in the most literal sense. After logging 11 years of international experience at a Japanese consumer electronics company, Junko pursued a peripatetic journalism career, breaking stories, securing exclusives, and filing incisive analyses from Tokyo, Silicon Valley, Paris, New York, and China.Junko’s contacts and professional experience are global, multicultural, and multilingual. She writes and speaks authoritatively on consumer electronics, automotive, semiconductors, emerging technologies, technology’s impact on people & society and intellectual property, with a deep understanding of the business strategies that companies are pursuing to compete on a global scale. ‌

‌During her three decades at EE Times, Junko rose up the ranks from Tokyo correspondent to West Coast bureau chief, European bureau chief, news editor, and editor-in-chief. She earned a reputation as an innovator, shepherding EE Times’ expansion into e-books, including the award-winning “The Day the Lights Went out in Japan”; a subscription-based premium newsletter, EE Times Confidential; the EE Times on Air podcast; conferences, such as the EE Times Roadmap to Next-gen EV & AV; and The Artful Engineer video podcast, which explores the intersection of art and engineering.‌
‌  ‌
‌Most recently, as global editor-in-chief at AspenCore, she oversaw the company’s move into book publishing, spearheading the AspenCore Guide series.  ‌
‌While Junko doesn’t stay in one place for long, she is immovable in her commitment to the integrity of the news.

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‌Yoshida’s thousands of news and analysis bylines include:‌