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Ex-CTO of Foxconn's EV Biz Levels Charges, Forced to Quit

The personnel turmoil could spell trouble for Foxconn's automotive business.
Foxconn MIH Open EV platform
Foxconn MIH Open EV platform (Image: Foxconn)

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By Judith Cheng

William Wei, who helped Foxconn launch its ambitious EV platform, has sued for wrongful termination two Foxconn executives, current CEO and chairman Young Liu  and HR chief Emily Hsia. Wei, formerly CTO of Foxconn’s EV business, says he was forced to resign and is now seeking compensation of Taiwan dollars $62 million (about US $2.06 million). 

In Wei’s place, Foxconn has hired Jun Seki as Chief Strategy Officer for EV. Seki, a seasoned executive who worked for Nissan Motor and the world’s largest electric motor maker Nidec Corp in Japan, now reports directly to Foxconn chairman and CEO Young Liu.

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