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In 2024, AI Here, There and Everywhere

As AI applications and software proliferate, we expect leisure, creative and work-place behavior to start changing. Hardware, then, must evolve to meet those varied needs in an energy efficient manner.
In 2024; AI here, there and everywhere

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By Peter Clarke

What’s at stake?
With the arrival of Generative AI in the mainstream, in platforms such as ChatGPT in Microsoft’s Bing and Bard within Google, and with billions of dollars of AI processor chip sales, AI was seen to have enjoyed a breakout year in 2023. Well, it’s going to be even bigger in 2024.

What has been a showcasing of Generative AI – as a somewhat whimsical extension of the tools at the disposal of artists and creative professionals – is going to become much more focused and about following the money saved and the profits generated.

This is great stuff. Let’s get started.

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