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Infineon Flourishes on 'Good Times' for Power Semiconductors

As some reel, Infineon invests and gets energized on power chips.
Infineon is building the 300mm Smart Power Fab in Dresden
Infineon is building the 300mm Smart Power Fab in Dresden. (Image: Infineon)

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By Bolaji Ojo

What’s at stake?
Seeing robust growth prospects in power semiconductors, Infineon is tightening its viselike hold on the market with acquisitions and investments in new fabs. And it is not keeping quiet about its intentions either.

Infineon Technologies AG has two key messages for its direct competitors and the entire semiconductor industry.

The first missive is simple. A downturn-inducing storm may be brewing in the semiconductor sector but it will not make landfall at Infineon. The company will grow at a double-digit this fiscal year, it said in a March 28 performance update.

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