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Jim Keller’s Journey from CPUs to CEO

'Lone wolf’ is the popular image for renowned computer architects. But Keller is no loner, having gone from hands-on engineer to CEO at AI chip startup Tenstorrent.
Jim Keller at Intel (left) and Jim Keller at Tenstorrent
Jim Keller in 2018 when he joined Intel (above) and Jim Keller today at Tenstorrent

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By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake:
Although regarded as a “natural” in computer architecture, Jim Keller acknowledges he had to work hard to develop skills that enable him to lead thousands of engineers. How did he do it? What worked? What didn’t? Keller traces his evolution for us.

Practically everyone in the semiconductor world knows who Jim Keller is. The legendary CPU designer is revered throughout the engineering community.

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