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Podcast: Technology Innovation and Our Manufacturing Future

Dan Breznitz offers a blueprint for fixing our fragile supply chains by addressing head-on the realities of globalization.
Podcast with Dan Breznitz
George, Dan Breznitz, Junko

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By George Leopold

If, as he asserts, “innovation is hope,” then political economist Dan Breznitz remains hopeful we can again find ways to make the things we need rather than relying on tenuous overseas supply lines.

In his latest book, Innovation in Real Places, Breznitz of the University of Toronto explores the causes of our hollowed-out manufacturing sector while demonstrating how regional planners waste billions of dollars seeking to become “Silicon Hyphens.”

Think Foxconn fleecing the state of Wisconsin, Cleveland courting Amazon’s HQ2.

We discussed these and other pressing issues with Breznitz. Listen to our podcast.

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