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PreAct Going Close-Up to Cut Lidar Cost

Startup eyes $45 bill of materials for near-field devices that foretell collisions.
Two cars accident
"If you’re about to get T-boned in an accident, [PreAct’s lidar] will see that, and tighten the seat belts real quick before impact." -- Paul Drysch

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By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake?
Elon Musk once famously called lidars a “fool’s errand,” a claim that has yet to be entirely disproven. Despite their high-precision performance advantages, lidars remain too costly to become an indispensable sensing modality in ADAS. Against the odds, a startup called PreAct sees a volume opportunity for “dirt-cheap” near-field lidars, not the long- or medium-range lidars most other players are pursuing.

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