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Qualcomm Envy Sparks Nvidia-MediaTek Deal

The partnership is aimed at repositioning Nvidia in a broader spectrum of the automotive SoC market, while allowing MediaTek to loosen Qualcomm’s grip on the entry level of the auto market.

(Source: Nvidia)

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By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake?
The partnership between MediaTek and Nvidia clarifies a gap in the automotive SoC platform. Missing are a unified software development environment and a hardware solution that can scale both up and down. Who has an argument and actual solutions good enough to convince undecided carmakers to adopt their platform?

The recent Nvidia-MediaTek deal to partner on automotive SoCs reveals the intensity of the rivalry among Qualcomm and other automotive chip companies. Nvidia’s move is a clear effort to catch up with Qualcomm. 

It also indicates that many mainstream car OEMs haven’t picked sides on the next-generation automotive platform, opening an opportunity that MediaTek can’t afford to miss. 

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