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Remaking Intel

Pat Gelsinger has taken ‘hands on’ management to extremes, executing sweeping changes to restore Intel’s lost glory and gird it for new battles. Will the shakeup work?
Pat Gelsinger executive team at Intel Corp.

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By Bolaji Ojo

What’s at stake?
In his first year as Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger refocused the enterprise and swapped out the senior management team in a bid to restore the company to dominance. Now the world is watching to see whether Gelsinger’s handpicked managers and aggressive restructuring will succeed in equipping Intel to navigate a landscape that is shifting rapidly under its feet. Settle in, because it will be years before Gelsinger’s rapidly executed changes achieve their full impact.

Intel Corp. CEO Patrick Gelsinger, who rejoined the company in February 2021, is on a mission to secure the venerable microprocessor manufacturer’s future by knocking it down to its founding principles and rebuilding pretty much everything from there.

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