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SiC in China: ‘Poster Child of the Decoupling Era’

How long before China catches up with Western silicon carbide suppliers in wafer production and device manufacturing?
6-inch N-type SiC substrates by SICC in China
6-inch N-type SiC substrates by SICC in China (Image: SICC)

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By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake?
Fueled by booming electric-vehicle demand and the long-term goal of semiconductor self-sufficiency, China is committed to developing power electronics based on silicon carbide (SiC). What is China’s plan for leapfrogging Western SiC suppliers?

Here are the questions: Who are China’s SiC players? How much money is China pouring into nascent technology and production facilities? Are Chinese vendors devising different business strategies to conquer the SiC market? Each of these riddles keep global power-electronics executives awake at night.

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