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Web Panel: The Human Factor in Aviation & Vehicle Autonomy

Up in the air or on the ground, the human plays a key role in how automated systems work. Anyone who has watched the movie “Sully” remembers how vividly US Airways captain Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger explained the importance of the human factor, during a “courtroom” clash between Sullenberger and the NTSB.

Sully prevailed upon his inquisitors to add 15-20 seconds of human reaction time to a digital flight simulation. He said those 15-20 seconds are necessary for even the most experienced operator to recognize an emergency, seize control, and respond effectively.

The human factor isn’t just a bunch of film dialog. As Sullenberger demonstrated in real life and in the movies, it is a matter of life and death.

In our upcoming Web Panel, put together by Seeing Machines and The Ojo-Yoshida Report, we spotlight the relevance of the human factor both to the aviation and automotive industries. We explain how lessons learned by one industry are vitally relevant to another.


  • Mike Lenné, Chief science & innovation officer, Seeing Machines
  • Matt Gray, Former Qantas captain
  • Bryan Reimer, research scientist at MIT AgeLab


  • Junko Yoshida, Editor in chief, The Ojo-Yoshida Report
  • Bolaji Ojo, Managing editor and publisher, The Ojo-Yoshida Report.