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What’s a Chiplet? Why Now?

Is the idea of creating mix-and-match “Lego block” chiplets just a mirage or a practical aspiration for the semiconductor industry? The Ojo-Yoshida Report launches a must-watch Dig Deeper Video Podcast Series on Chiplets on Nov. 29 .
What's a Chiplet, Why Now?

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By Junko Yoshida

The Ojo-Yoshida Report next week launches a new edition of our “Dig Deeper” video podcast series, with the focus this time on chiplets.

Chiplets are shaking the market despite their limited numbers. They already dominate mindshare among chip designers and system companies who want to develop proprietary chips.

In our first episode, “Why chiplets, why now?”, we bring in John Lorenz, market and technology Analyst at Yole Intelligence (Lyon, France), and Ron Wilson, technology editor at The Ojo-Yoshida Report.

Ron is hosting the entire “Dig Deeper” series on chiplets. In this chapter, Ron and John help us demystify chiplets. This primer covers the industry’s motivation behind chiplets, and discusses the technical roadblocks and cost challenges that chiplet proponents still need to solve.

This first episode of Dig Deeper on Chiplet was broacast on Wednesday, November 29. The recorded video is now available on the Ojo-Yoshida Report channel on Youtube.

For this series, we have a lineup of stellar guests including:

  • Shekhar Kapoor, senior director of product line management for Synopsys (Mountain View, Calif.)
  • Bart Plackle, vice president, Automotive at imec (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Tony Mastroianni, advanced packaging solutions director at Siemens Digital Industries Software (Plano, Texas)
  • Wayne Dai, president and CEO at VeriSilicon (Shanghai, China)

Junko Yoshida is the editor in chief of The Ojo-Yoshida Report. She can be reached at

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