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Arm Up, RISC-V Down, But The Real Loser Is x86

Arm and RISC-V are locked in a struggle for market share that will also impact Intel and its x86 architecture
Arm Up, RISC-V Down, But The Real Loser Is x86
(Source: Peter Clarke)

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By Peter Clarke

What’s at stake:
Although application-specific processing and neural-network architectures are becoming more significant with each passing year, established microprocessor architectures and their support of specific software bases remain significant. They have fostered and dominate big consumer markets such as personal computing and mobile phones. The conventional wisdom is that, just as Arm – once agile and without legacy baggage – could come to rival the original processor pioneer architecture x86, the open-source RISC-V is going to do the same to the now less agile and more encumbered Arm architecture.

Last week was one of contrasting fortunes for the microprocessor architectures Arm and RISC-V.

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