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DeepX Founder Aspires to Be ‘Morris Chang of Korea’

AI hardware startups are a dime a dozen. But the founder of DeepX has a loftier goal -- to build a company that matters to his home country, South Korea. 
Lokwon Kim, a founder of DeepX
Lokwon Kim, a founder of DeepX

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By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake?
Specsmanship – power efficiency, performance efficiency and support for a variety of algorithms – absolutely matters in assessing AI hardware. But what about accuracy loss that occurs when system companies port AI models, developed on GPU, to other types of hardware? This is DeepX’s niche.

Last week, Lokwon Kim, a founder of AI chip startup DeepX, entered a conference in Santa Clara, Calif. with swagger and audacity, fittingly — because DeepX was rolling out a family of AI accelerator chips that, Kim claimed, will deliver “AI everywhere, AI for everyone.”

Kim chose the Embedded Vision Summit for his coming-out party. DeepX grabbed the role of lead sponsor and secured a premium spot on the show floor — a marketing coup usually too expensive for startups.

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