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Obsolescence at BMW: Planned or Just Short-Sighted?

Go ahead. Trust carmakers who promise lifetime software updates. But verify that car companies can cope with the potential need for the hardware upgrades that often accompany updated software.
Obsolescence at BMW: Planned or Just Short-Sighted?

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By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake?
Running updated software properly in an existing vehicle sometimes demands a hardware upgrade — replacing, for example, a 3G modem with a 4G cellular modem. Are carmakers ready for this sort of mass retrofit?

Robert Hollingsworth is not happy with BMW. The German automaker declined to upgrade a 3G cellular modem in Hollingsworth’s BMW X5 after all major US cellular operators shut down the legacy network support in 2022.

Yet, the software-defined vehicles is the thing today, among many car OEMs.

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