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Does Nvidia Want to Remake the Foundry Business?

Nvidia is describing itself now as an "AI Foundry." How does this differentiate the AI chips and platform vendor from its traditional foundry services suppliers?
Does Nvidia Want to Remake the Foundry Business?
Nvidia touts generative AI foundry service on Microsoft Azure for enterprises and startups worldwide. (Image: Nvidia)

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By Bolaji Ojo

What’s at stake?

Nvidia Corp. is growing at a rate that its current foundry partners may not be able to support. How will they respond and who else stands to benefit? In addition, Nvidia is tearing up the definition of foundry services, dubbing itself an “AI foundry.” What exactly does this mean and is this the beginning of a redefinition of terminologies in the industry?

Nvidia Corp. is not only setting sales records for the semiconductor industry, the AI and GPU chip supplier is creating what may be an almost impossible act to follow.

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