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Turmoil at OpenAI and Cruise Focus AI's Dilemma

OpenAI vs. Cruise. The two are different, and yet the chaos at both companies has some common roots.
Turmoil at OpenAI and Cruise focus AI’s dilemma

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By Junko Yoshida

With OpenAI CEO Sam Altman getting ousted by its board on Nov. 17, followed by the appointments of two short-lived interim CEOs and Altman getting reinstated on Nov. 21st, it’s been a tumultuous week for Open AI employees and investors. Reporters on the technology beat have been working overtime. OpenAI’s upheaval has overshadowed other advancements in AI technology that continue to develop at breakneck speed.

While OpenAI staged its melodrama, the resignation of Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt on Nov. 19 largely escaped the media spotlight. Yet to come are media scrutiny on Cruise’s corporate governance and the company’s autonomous vehicle technology. Unfortunately, like most new wrinkles in AI, Cruise has kept its alleged advancements locked in a black box.

For those of us who are outside looking in, the CEOs at two different Silicon Valley companies seem irreconcilably disparate. But at a closer look, they are remarkably similar.

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