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Embedded Quest at Nuremberg

We cornered engineers and executives at various companies at Embedded World, and asked their perception of the state of the embedded market and what they see must be solved.
Embedded Quest at Nuremberg

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By Junko Yoshida

In our quest for “useful” embedded systems, the Ojo-Yoshida Report roamed the show floor at Embedded World, cornering vendors and asking two questions:

    1. What problems are you solving with your new technology?
    2. What useful applications do you believe your product/technology will enable?

Although we heard many different answers and solutions with different emphasis, one point of broad agreement is that IoT has made “connectivity” an imperative for embedded. 

But do we also agree that IoT has been a rousing success? Not necessarily. Many developers acknowledge that integrating multiple wireless connections in a single embedded system without interference has not been easy.

Do we need “edge AI” to unlock the true potential of IoT? Perhaps. Several people pointed out that edge AI can effectively make IoT better.

We ran, of course, into a buzzsaw of buzz about the hottest topic at Embedded World: Large Language Models (LLMs). 

A popular opinion is that the most useful applications of LLMs will be “conversation AI” or a genuinely intuitive voice-based user interface.

Even hotter among our discussions: What steps must the industry take to support LLMs on resource-constrained MCU-based embedded systems?

After collecting answers from engineers and executives at various companies at Embedded World, we produced a video of their testimony: Embedded Quest, Embedded World 2024, Nuremberg, Germany.

Take a look!

(listed in the order of appearance)

Paul Williamson, SVP, General Manager, IoT Line of Business, Arm
Ali Ors, Global Director, AL ML Strategist, NXP
Patrick Stikwell, Product Manager, NXP
Drew Barbier, Vice President of Products, MIPS
Matt Maupin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Silicon Labs
Shreyas Derashri, Vice President of Compute, Imagination
Augustine Nebu Philips, Senior Director, Business Development and Strategy, Synaptics
Vikram Gupta, SVP and General Manager of IOT Processors, Chief Product Officer, Synaptics
Moshe Sheirer
, VP, Marketing Ceva
Patrick Aidoune, General-Purpose MCU Div. General Manager, STMicroelectronics
Sujata Neidig, Marketing Director, NXP
Rajkumar Thiagarajan, Director of Software Engineering, Renesas
Steven Tateosian, SVP, IoT, Compute & Wireless Business Unit, Infineon
Sameer Wasson, CEO, MIPS
Daniel Cooley, CTO, Silicon Labs

Junko Yoshida
, edior-in-chief, The Ojo-Yoshida Report
Bolaji Ojo, Managing Editor, Publisher, The Ojo-Yoshida Report

Junko Yoshida is the editor in chief of The Ojo-Yoshida Report. She can be reached at

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