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Foundry Dreams Spotlighted at Intel-Palooza

Announcing Microsoft as a new customer, the promise to roll out 14A in 2026, touting the company's expertise in advanced packaging, and the world’s most sustainable fabs: Is all this enough to lure customers to Intel Foundry?
Foundry Dreams Spotlighted at Intel-Palooza
Over 1,000 customers, partners, reporters and analysts packed Intel Foundry Day event. (Image: Junko Yoshida)

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By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake:
“Intel Foundry Day” was described by one executive as a “coming out party” to burnish the image of Intel Corp.’s foundry enterprise. This isn’t Intel’s first crack at wooing customers into its foundry. The thing is this: beyond building new fabs around the world, has Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger done enough to prove that his ‘IDM 2.0’ strategy for manufacturing, innovation and product leadership is also working for customers?

By lining up big guns like U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman as “Foundry Day” speakers, Intel highlighted its power to pull strings and issue a reminder that it remains a heavyweight in the global semiconductor industry.

To establish itself as a credible, independent foundry, however, Intel must go beyond pageantry. 

This is great stuff. Let’s get started.

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