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Arm Doubles Down on AI, Chiplets With Neoverse Update

The IP vendor is seeking to plug any gaps in its product portfolio by updating its existing IP offerings to serve a growing list of AI and chiplet customers.
Arm Doubles Down on AI, Chiplets With Neoverse Update

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By Bolaji Ojo

What’s at stake:

The artificial intelligence market is poised to be a top economic growth driver, and everyone wants a piece of the business. By updating its Neoverse IP to address AI and chiplets, Arm is moving to solidify its formidable position in the semiconductor design process. Global hyperscalers are already using Arm’s Neoverse, but the IP vendor is taking no chances. Will Neoverse CSS V3 and Neoverse CSS N3 help push Arm deeper into the AI market?

Arm Holdings Plc has unveiled updated versions of its Neoverse intellectual property for the semiconductor industry, aiming the two offerings directly at the artificial intelligence market with the goal of a the tighter embrace with its current customers and others exploring options in the fast-growing sector.

With Neoverse CSS N3 and Neoverse CSS V3, both updates on the earlier versions (dubbed CSS N2 and CSS V2, respectively), Arm is plunging headfirst into two of the hottest segments of the semiconductor world – AI and chiplets.

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