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Prophesee Emboldens Its Mass Consumer Outreach

Prophesee is searching for customers for its neuromorphic vision systems. Success could result in it becoming a $1 billion enterprise. Will that day come soon?
PROPHESEE Event-Based Metavision GenX320 ZinnLabs Eye Tracking
Prophesee's event-based Metavision GenX320 is being used in Zinn Labs' eye tracking (Image: Prophesee)

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By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake:
Prophesee is the little engine that could. By launching its fifth-generation event-based imaging sensor and going after the consumer mass market, the French startup run by Luca Verre is demonstrating its resilience. Nothing could deter CEO Verre and his team from leaving any stone unturned in search of a market fit for its neuromorphic vision systems. The unknown is whether AR/VR is the segment that can open the volume market to Prophesee and, if so, how long might it take.

In 2014, a unique bio-inspired vision technology was an asset big enough to convince a team of scholars and a businessman to establish Prophesee.

Prophesee didn’t invent neuromorphic computing. But it has become a pioneer in commercially implementing its principle: Humans don’t record the visual information based on a series of frames. Instead, they capture the stuff of interest – spatial and temporal changes – and send that sparse information efficiently to the brain.

Prophesee has done a yeoman’s work pitching event-based sensors to neophytes, but its efforts have yet to build the mass market. 

This is great stuff. Let’s get started.

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