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Schneider Electric Stakes a Claim to Sustainability Leadership

The multinational energy management specialist is leading the sustainability charge on the supply side. Will its initiatives aimed at chip makers seed a sustainability ecosystem?
Schneider Electric Stakes a Claim to Sustainability Leadership

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By George Leopold

We discuss herein the nuts and bolts of sustainable semiconductor manufacturing with sustainability leader Schneider Electric. The French multinational focused heavily on energy management appears to have a first-mover advantage.

Seizing on recent chip shortages and the need to expand manufacturing capacity, Schneider Electric focuses on helping chip makers fine tune their fab operations, with an emphasis on renewable energy sources.

Tech investors have added sustainable manufacturing operations to their list of requirements.

Will others follow? Will a sustainability ecosystem emerge that will help chip makers and their suppliers turn their aspirational Net-Zero goals into reality? And, if so, when?

There are reasons for optimism, Schneider Electric’s Dave Rimkus tells us in our latest Dig Deeper Video Podcast Series. Rimkus notes that investors have added sustainable manufacturing operations to their list of requirements. Among the best ways to nudge technology startups toward sustainable operations is providing an economic incentive. Whatever it takes.

2023 was the year chips makers at last understood they must change the way the operate. The old ways are unsustainable. 2024 must be the year manufacturers of semiconductors transform their operations, baking sustainability into the next generation of industrial, automotive and consumer devices.

If the global semiconductor industry makes good on its pledges, it will have established a benchmark for other greenhouse gas-emitting sectors. In so doing, it would make a major contribution to slowing and—perhaps someday—reversing the adverse effects of climate change.

Let the hard work of sustaining our planet begin.

Our interview with Dave Rimkus will be broadcast at 9:00AM PT, on January 10, 2024. Please register here to save your seat:

Below is a teaser of the upcoming video broadcast on the latest episode of our Dig Deeper sustainability series.

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