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Tech is Redefining How Africa Works

Technology is fostering the creation of a new employment system in Africa for global enterprises and start-ups
Tech is Redefining How Africa Works

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By Fred Ohwahwa

What’s at stake?
Africa’s economy was playing catch-up on the technology front before Covid-19 hit, forcing a change in how enterprises engage with employees and further accelerating digitalization efforts by governments and institutions. Now, ordinary Africans are taking over and leveraging technology innovations to launch start-ups or secure international employments or contracts they can do anywhere.

Technology is changing everything in Africa.

Even the nature of how many people work throughout the continent is evolving. Technology innovators, enterprises and investors should be closely monitoring the new generation that never experienced the dynamics of the workplace that prevailed on the continent even as recently as 10 years ago.

To Westerners, some of the changes may have a whiff of catch-up. But that’s where the investment opportunities are springing up. In Africa, leapfrogging technology nodes has become the norm, so much so that young entrepreneurs on the continent are setting the pace for the rest of the world in finance, banking and communications.

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