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Tech M&A Conundrum: Lessons from Nvidia’s Arm Gamble

Getting a tech deal approved in today's fraught geopolitical environment has become extremely difficult as East-West tensions grow.
decision time for congressional negotiators on CHIPS Act

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By Bolaji Ojo

What’s at stake?

Semiconductor and other technology M&A proposals are becoming more difficult to execute due to the influence of powerful geopolitical players whose calculations go beyond traditional motives of higher revenue, profits, and market share.

Nvidia Corp.’s abandoned $40 billion offer for Arm set in motion a series of unfortunate developments that have put the semiconductor IP vendor in a tenuous position.

Months after the offer was cancelled, Arm is still caught in a tangled web. While Nvidia is now free of a regulatory onslaught of its own making, fate has yet to set Arm on the path to true freedom. Its current owners want to sell but cannot find a buyer. Arm wants to return to the equity market via an IPO, but that path remains tortuous.

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