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SiC Ecosystem in Development

Silicon Carbide Gets Ready for Prime Time

Wideband Gap Semiconductor Applications.

By Bolaji Ojo

What’s at stake

Those who invested early in silicon carbide are seeing their efforts start to pay off. But competitors are popping up everywhere, putting more SiC-related M&A and partnership deals in place. The question is who, over time, can build the right ecosystem to advance SiC technologies, bring down costs and ensure a stable supply of raw materials and SiC wafers.


Early Laps of Silicon Carbide Race Go to ST

Unprocessed SiC wafers are transparent, complicating many of the manufacturing steps.

By Junko Yoshida

What’s at stake?
Vehicle electrification helped push silicon carbide (SiC) out of labs and into systems, making SiC a commercially viable alternative to silicon-based power electronics. Some high-profile names have played key roles in that transition, but it may be too early for any company to claim victory in the evolving SiC technology race. Who’s best positioned to profit from the decades-long SiC development effort?


SiC Power Devices: A Breed Apart

Crystalline Structure of Silicon Carbide

By Ron Wilson

What’s at stake
Silicon carbide isn’t just about drill bits and abrasives anymore. The material also goes into transistors that are increasingly vital to green energy and transportation. The SiC supply chain may determine whether you can actually take delivery on that electric car you’ve been thinking about, or the solar panels to help charge it.


Soitec Aims for Big EV Win with Smart Cut SiC Wafers

Soitec Develops 6-inch Engineered SiC Substrates for Bid EV Win

By Adele Hars

France-based substrate maker Soitec has a lot riding on silicon carbide (SiC). The company believes its SiC wafers “are going to transform the EV industry,” as Thomas Piliszczuk, executive vice president of global strategy, recently told The Ojo-Yoshida Report. That’s an ambitious goal, but it’s a significant element of Soitec’s equally bold plan to become a two-billion-dollar company over the next five years.